Charges vary as each page is unique, but here is a rough guide that you can use to estimate what your site might cost if you have it made for you.    Please.. see also "Selecting a Website"


Okay, start with what kind of a site you are going to want and use that as a base price. For example, let's say you're wanting a small business site (see prices here). It will be 5 pages long, including an "about us" page, a page about your products, a main page that has some general information, a page on tips for your customers, and a FAQ page.  Each page should feature your company logo somewhere. Each page should be optimized for both desktop and mobile devices of various sizes.

Let's say the basic price starting out is $1000.00   Add the cost of the animated graphics to this. If you want a fairly simple flash graphic, that will add from $20 to $50 to the cost of the site, depending on the complexity of the graphic and how many levels of animation you are wanting. let's say you go for the nice interactive fancy $50 graphic. Now you're at $450.00

You now need to buy your domain name BEFORE we start making your page, really. Yes, I can buy it for you, but it's really easy to buy it yourself and then you have the peace of mind of absolutely knowing that you have the final control over it. You can buy your domain name anywhere you want, but I suggest for your name. Let's say you buy a dot com (.com) top level domain for 2 years. This should cost another $15.90 (at the time of this article) this gets paid to your registrar, not prowebdesign) You are now at a total of $465.9 spent.

Now you need Hosting for your website. You've got it built, you own the name, but whose going to let it sit on their server and make sure it has fast access to the World Wide Web? Hosting can cost anywhere from $4/month up to $199/month!! I suggest you check out ProWebDesign Hosting and carefully select the plan that will fill all your needs without overdoing it! You can always upgrade later! Let's say for our example here that you just need standard hosting. You can get that with us for about $20/month. Now you are up to $685.90 (if you pre-pay for a year of hosting).

You OWN the website and will get a download of all the files, art, graphics, code, html, .psd files, etc. If you deal with a webdesign company that does not present you with the entire completed site for you to own, then you have paid them to create a website that they can then re-sell to others!  Other web designers charge $2000 for a basic page and $20,000 for a 7 page site.  I'm not kidding, check around.  Pay that much if you want to. 

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