Which Website is right for you?


Starting at $300.00
small (1-4 pages)
personal details
may include resume or examples of skills
no selling, advertising, or subscriptions fees
no attempt to reach customers

usually very little traffic, meaning little tranfer bandwidth is needed.
* * Call for more information 281-898-0667 or Contact Us!

Small business
Starting at $500.00

5-7 pages
appr. 0-6 employees
product or service can be fit on 1 - 2 webpages
may include eCommerce / shopping cart sales
may be targeting a smaller geographical market
payment options may be limited
may be a unique product, or niche market that does not justify a large website

Corporate Presence
Starting at $700.00
4-7 pages
generally does not include eCommerce or any online selling
information about company
information about product or service
includes email accts for each employee

Starting at $1000.00
Includes all of the elements of small business
generally requires more than a few pages to adequately display goods or services
Can accept a variety of payments options, and shipping instructions
targets a wider geographical market

Starting at $300.00
appr. 1-2 pages

Provides information or services for free
may refer surfers to a sponsor or a larger affiliated company in the hopes that the free information will draw in a qualified customer with a positive attitude toward the sponsor or affiliate
Can generate money through click-throughs from sponsors, subscriptions to newsletters, magazines, etc.

Starting at $500.00
Contains adult related material - should not be viewed by minors
Can be "free" or charge admission, personal or commercial.
Whether for-profit or not, certain additional legal regulations apply to sites with adult content

* If you buy a site from us, you receive all the code on a CD along with full access to the site. You OWN the site, not us.
** Remember, you may also need hosting if you do not already have a place to Park your site.

Call 713-944-7900 for more information, or just Contact Us!

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