Who Does NOT need a Website?

Reasons to leave
well enough alone

  • A large majority of your target customers are not on-line, and you do not wish to expand to the Internet market at this time.
  • There could be a situation where someone hand-makes an item, and is already behind schedule, doesn't want any new customers, and the item requires no explanation or support, and no refunds are offered, etc.
Who Needs a Website?

Reasons to have a website

  • To attract new customers
  • Communicate with current customers
  • Provide support 24/7
  • Inform customers or employees of new products or services
  • Offer updates on customer's account
  • Provide forum for customers to communicate
  • Rreduce the number of support calls you may receive
  • Sell products on-line
  • Enhance your professional image
  • Compete with similar companies who are on-line
  • To develop an intranet website to use only within your company
  • Communicate quickly with mobile or distant customers or staff
  • Record memos
  • dynamically updated information for all employees

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