How do you start planning a website?

1. Determine what information to include on your site. Determine if you will sell, advertise for others, or have chat rooms, support groups, etc.

2. Work from there to determine if you need a personal page, corporate presence, commercial E-Commerce site, or something in between. In other words, decide on the size and complexity of your site. (Check our guide to choosing a site type here)

3. At this point, look at other pages already on the internet. Either similar companies, or other people's resumes, or whatever it is that you are interesting in putting online. Of course, you'll take the best of their ideas or approaches, and leave the rest.

4. Now it's time to start a mock-up of your page(s). Actually put on pieces of paper a rough outline of what you want your first "main", or "index" page to look like, and what you want the rest of your pages to look like. Be sure to put down specific information. For example, if you want a "Contact Us" page, be sure to include: what address, whose name, what phone number, what email address, and do you want to state how long it should take for someone to hear back from you?

5. Now you're ready to contact us. Go ahead and give us a call (281-898-0667), or send us an email (INFO). We can give you a rough estimate on how long it should take, and how much it may cost to get your concept translated to an actual web site on the World Wide Web!

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